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Steve Kimock Band Live at State Theatre on 2003-02-22

Topics Live concert

Set 1:
d1t01. Kissin' the Boo Boo
d1t02. Long Form Part I
d1t03. Avalon
d1t04. In Reply >
d1t05. Sabretooth
d2t01. It's Up to You
d2t02. Band Intros

Set 2:
d2t03. Indulgence/Quiet Rap
d2t04. Le Petite Groove
d2t05. Life of the Party
d2t06. Tongue 'n Groove
d2t07. Elmer's Revenge
d3t01. Moon People
d3t02. You're the One
d3t03. Band Intros/Audience
d3t04. Hillbillies on PCP
d2t05. Band Intros

Collection SteveKimockBand
Band/Artist Steve Kimock Band
Venue State Theatre
Location Falls Church, VA

Source (on-stage) AMS ST-250 Soundfield (blumlein) > Lunatec V2 > Modified Sony D10 Pro II (DAT)
Lineage Sony PCM-M1 (DAT) > WAV via Digigram VXPocket (coax) > SHN (seek tables appended)
Taped by Chris Black via Ron Keyser's rig
Transferred by Chris Black


Reviewer: yellowseth - - October 6, 2009
Subject: my first skb show....
what a mind blower...spinning girls and exceptional guitar work...but dont forget the drums OH WOW! Great show must have I love it and still listen to it all the time...will be trying to catch some more from the stuff with bruce hornsby and hope you download this show! TEN stars if they rated them that high.'~)
Reviewer: teakwoodbetz - - February 26, 2006
Subject: Classic
This is a classic show in the SKB catalog. DL this for sure; great sound quality and a superb performace by the band. Life of the Party has since become one of my all time favorites, and this performance of the song is spectacular. 5 stars.
Reviewer: Roadawg - - September 28, 2005
Subject: desert island SKB
This show has it all, (stage)AMS ST-250 Soundfield(blumlein)>LunatecV2>Modified Sony D10 Pro II Dat source info with a killer show that has the sound quality to back it up.
I HIGHLY recommend this as a download.
This is an epic Steve Kimock performance.
Grab it while you still can.
5 stars easily earned here.
Reviewer: Stereofonic - - December 30, 2004
Subject: In the same boat...
Since I moved I have been way out of touch with my beloved jam band music scene...
I stumbled upon this last night and have been jammin all day... WOW... the recording is MINT... and I mean MINT... I listen with close ear and WOW... great job at the recording... and then the music is the best part of course... ahhh so chill so jammin, so relaxing. I love it! Thanks so much to the dedicated fans like you who put this out, and thanks so much for introducing me to the Steve Kimock Band, you have truly enriched my life!
Reviewer: kippyahippy - - December 24, 2004
Subject: New to SKB and I'm Floored!
Just browsing around a few days ago and I discovered the Steve Kimock Band on the Archives site. Never heard of them before this. Now I'm floored by their virtuosity. Next Saturday SKB (1-1-05)will be in Seattle and I'm going!
Reviewer: ButterySkillet - - December 8, 2004
Subject: the most gifted guitarist on this planet.
"life of the party" moves me,
in ways it would be near impossible
to efficiently verbalize.
Reviewer: MushroomEagle - - December 2, 2004
Subject: YES. yes yes
Download this show. After listening to this "Kissin' the boo-boo", i decided it is what embodies the Steve Kimock Band. Everything they play is flawless anyhow...but this show has many exceptions. Kissin' the boo-boo is by far my favorite, and Avalon is so wonderfully chill. Too much to list - DOWNLOAD NOW!
Reviewer: Triggin - - July 7, 2004
Subject: great show and great quality
get this show now. I can't think of anything that hasn't already been said. 5 stars
Reviewer: BruceH123 - - June 11, 2004
Subject: This Is Amazing!!!
This show is amazing. I can't believe that Steve Kimock is so good and yet so few know his playing. This guy, and the musicians that he plays with, do things with their instruments that are truely frightening. Not only is the playing great, but the recording quality sparkles like crystal.
Get this show today!!!
Reviewer: kpita - - May 5, 2004
Subject: Terrific Show
One of the most worthwhile downloads I've come across yet. Crystal clear sound quality, and a great show as well! Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Phuzz73 - - April 9, 2004
Subject: Crazy Show!
I downloaded this show because I know Steve's work with Zero (which I like) and figured that SKB would be good also. While I was right this show is sick. First the sound quality is top notch and second the playing is great. I highly recommend this show. I will be downloading more SKB for sure. Check out the Tounge & Groove track it's chillin'.
Reviewer: CIRESTodd - - February 14, 2004
Subject: yeah, what they said...
The show is awesome. A great case where you should listen to what the reviewers say. The quality is excellent, and the tunes are fabulous! Great jams!

Here's some fresh cover art for this show:
Reviewer: terrencepoc - - February 14, 2004
Subject: Truely Outstanding
This is without a doubt one of the best SKB shows out there. If you're trying to decide on a show to download and don't already have this...get it! The house sound of the State Theater really shines on this version(AMS-250's). There is reason why Steve loves playing that room...great natural reverb. Song selection is near perfection with stellar versions of many classics. The first 10 minutes of the Long Form Pt.1 are euphoric...I can't explain it you just have to hear it. Top notch show in all aspects! I just wish I could find one to top it!!
Reviewer: DaveyO' - - October 7, 2003
Subject: Tone pills....
I've been into SK for about three days and, well, I'm blown away. This is also the first SHN show I've downloaded I'm stoked. It's like it's my birthday or something. Woohoo!

The quality of this recording is top notch. The vibe is fantabulous. The jam on "It's Up To You" is psychotic; everyone blows up including the crowd. Steve Kimock is a guitar players guitar player and good medicine for this tone junkie. You need this gig.

Best, DaveyO'
Reviewer: medlhuber - - March 8, 2003
Subject: Life of the Party
I really dig these new tune. The intro segment almost reminds me of the slower section of coles law or something. Then when it picks up pace the main jam is more like the jam segments of like Tongue & Groove IMO. Really nice tune, smooth ups and down filled with kimock bliss. It really builds up some nice energy I just wish Kimock would go off and give this jam more of the orgasm type of feel after that big build. Its got some nice highs but it just never has that all out h0se/rage IMO. Still a great tune and i'm really glad to see some new material coming around, bout time. This recording is spectacular, just like the rest of Ron's recordings that i've heard. The imaging and soundstage is just so real. Just listening to Rodney's drum solo during "Its Up To You" just blew me away. The way his drumming almost circles around the kit and you can follow each hit around your living room like he was right in front of you. Truely amazing. Check it out, hot tape, great show~
Reviewer: kwaved - - March 2, 2003
Subject: hot stuff !
Features the SKB premieres of 2 new tunes -- Le Petite Groove & Life of the Party -- both CLASSIC Kimock, sweet, mellifluous, tender and raging all at once. AMS-ST250 onstage source --- what can you say but GET THIS RECORDING, already considered to be a splendid example of the latest incarnation of SKB with Arne Livingston on bass !
Steve Kimock Band
by Steve Kimock Band
( 2 reviews )
Source: {onstage} Schoeps mk4v > Sonosax SX-M2 > Modified Sony SBM-1 > HHB PDR1000 > coax/Oade cable/7 pin > Sony PCM-M1 (DAT@44.1kHz)
Steve Kimock Band
by Steve Kimock Band
( 16 reviews )
Source: (on-stage) AMS ST-250 Soundfield (blumlein) > Lunatec V2 > Modified Sony D10 Pro II (DAT)
Community Video
by Chris Black
Steve Kimock Band
by Steve Kimock Band
Source: {FOB} Core Sound CSBs (hung over the rail) > Goodwin Industries Battery Box > Sony D3 (DAT)
Steve Kimock Band
by Steve Kimock Band
Source: {onstage} Rode NT2 > Sound Devices MP2 > Sony SBM1 (Modified) > Sound Devices USB Pre > Sony Vaio C1VP > Samplitude v6.0 > SHN
Steve Kimock Band
by Steve Kimock Band
Source: {onstage} ADK A51TL (m/s, m=cardiod, s=fig8) > Edirol UA-5 > Fujitsu S6110 (24bit/96kHz) > Sound Forge 5.0 & CDWav > SHN [no DAE]
Steve Kimock Band
by Steve Kimock Band
Source: (Stage) Schoeps CMC6/MK4 > Lunatec V2 > Apogee Mini-Me > Sharp MV-10 > Samplitude v6.0 > SHN
Steve Kimock Band
by Steve Kimock Band
( 1 reviews )
Source: {onstage} AMS ST-250 Soundfield (blumlein) > Lunatec V2 > Modified Sony D10 Pro II (DAT)
Steve Kimock Band
by Steve Kimock Band
Source: {onstage} AKG C61/CK1 (XY) > DA-P1 (DAT)
Steve Kimock Band
by Steve Kimock Band
Source: {onstage} AKG C61/CK1 (XY) > DA-P1 (DAT)